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Barbara LT, Contemporary Artist

Barbara LT is a London based artist and paints predominantly circus artists. 
After numerous canvases of landscapes and countless still life drawings her world changed when she walked into the Black Cat Cabaret on London’s Southbank. Instantly mesmerised by the cyr wheel act she wanted to capture the performers’ magic on canvas and paper.



A few hundred sketches and paintings of various circus artists later she now spends most of her days focusing on painting movement, the character, “the feel” of her favourite circus artists from around the world. Finding beauty in all circus disciplines the spinning cyr wheel remains closest to her heart. 

Barbara is often found sketching/painting the boys of London based Barely Methodical Troupe and has strongly considered following the Left Cheek of Australian Gravity and Other Myths circus family around the world. 



She continues to find inspiration in new circus artists as well as her long term muses, loves having them around for a chat in the studio and is avidly learning the circus vocabulary. 

She runs away with the circus as often as she can. 

Upcoming Exhibitions


3rd to 16th February Ad Lib Gallery Parsons Green, London


14th to 16th February - Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Town Hall, London

Past Exhibitions


Candid Art Open Call Exhibition, London


Art Maze Exhibition by Exhibit Here, Oxo Tower Bargehouse London

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